Working With Your Intentional Gap Year Guide

Action Steps You Can Take Now

  • Take the Intentional Gap Year workshop.
  • Get comfortable with not knowing.
  • Commit to curiosity. Everything is possible.
  • Embrace your adventure.

Strive to Balance Your Personal Growth: Outside and Inside

The Intentional Gap Year Workshop promotes self-discovery. You are everything someone outside of you says you are until you discover who you are inside and build a relationship with yourself. We created this program to help you contemplate who you are as your more authentic self.

You do the work, and we offer you reflection and guidance about what you discover and share. During your workshop, you will meet with your own Intentional Gap Year (“IGY”) Guide®, a certified life coach. Your life coach is only a part of your journey, but an important one. Below we give you more information about the partnership you will share and the relationship you can expect from your guide.

And, during your workshop...

You’ll have (3) 1/2-hour video calls with your very own Intentional Gap Year Guide®. Before you start your workshop, you’ll schedule to meet your guide and share your goals or use the time to gain more awareness about what your intentional gap year means to you. The two remaining one-on-one sessions will be guided by your own writings, a record you will keep throughout your workshop. All sessions are designed to reflect on your work and your guide will help you maximize what you learn along the way and how to apply the activities to your gap year and your life.

More about an intentional gap year (and how self-discovery leads to personal growth):

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Use your gap year to gain new skills, have new experiences that might lead to ideas and possibilities, try out new ways to express yourself, and rest a little before you tackle the challenges of higher education or your own life. The ultimate gap year will help you get to know you.There Are Real Benefits To Working With A Life Coach

You have an inner guidance system that will empower you when you learn how to work with it

While You Are Developing It, We Can Help

Intentional Gap Year™ provides a system of transparency between you and your Intentional Gap Year Guide®. What makes our program unique is that your work is submitted directly to your IGY Guide and it steers your sessions. Your guide will effectively help motivate you and cut through any clutter that might keep you from succeeding in getting the most from the time you have given yourself by reflecting back to you what you have shared.

This is a very radical approach for online gap year programs. When you submit your work:

  • Your guide will be better prepared to have discussions that are customized for you by evaluating your work.
  • Your guide can better highlight your progress through feedback for discoveries you have made about yourself.
  • Your guide will be better prepared to offer motivation based on the criteria that is lead through your work.
  • Together you can both remain objective while reviewing work from a hindsight perspective that journal led sessions offer.
  • You will be able to take away a deeper understanding of what you have learned in your workshop and have an action plan.

If you have plans to take a travel, internship, or another experiential program, the Intentional Gap Year Workshop will offer you the most well-rounded approach for the ultimate gap year. We have added an optional layer for working with gap year organizations and education consultants.
Information for Professional Organizations

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