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(5) Core Principles
(25) Lesson Videos
(3) Key Take-Away Steps for Each
(75) Prompted Journal Activities
All design for your personal growth during your gap year

You will be assigned your very own intentional gap year guide®
for (3) 30-minutes life-coaching sessions


Meet with your very own Intentional Gap Year Guide® (a certified life coach) to discuss your goals. And then get to work on mastering yourself with easy principles we provide in your workshop.


Watch informative videos followed by prompts that will help you to zero in on your goals. Your work is submitted directly to your guide. No need to download anything.


Share your insights with your guide to receive valuable feedback about how to apply what you’ve learned, and create your plan.

It Starts With You

If you are like the many graduates, you want to take a time-out to find out more about yourself before committing to decisions that will impact your life. University is expensive, and knowing what you want will safeguard your investment.

Do you want to grow through travel, internships, or as a volunteer? These are excellent ways to grow. However, let's face reality. Current global restrictions and precautions are challenging everyone.

Here's the thing: Your journey starts with you!

All is not wasted! You can use this time to supplement your personal growth and stay on track.

Online Workshop: $499

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Other newer programs are charging thousands of dollars for an online gap year experience.

Think about it.

You don't want to waste your gap year, you want to start now, but are you convinced to spend thousands of dollars on an online course created JUST a few months ago to be a 'replacement' for your gap year dreams?

Or would you rather spend a couple of hundred dollars on an established online program with proven results to maximize the time you have now and be better prepared for the future you imagine?

The choice is easy.

The world will wait, and when it opens up, you will be prepared.

In 2018 we created The Intentional Gap Year™ workshop to prepare young adults to make empowered life decisions. Our self-contained online program is set up and ready to keep your dreams alive. And our low price makes it possible for you to include that experiential program you still desire if you choose.

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The Intentional Gap Year is a guided 1:1 experience using proven methods for building self-awareness and emotional intelligence that teach you how to make the most of where you are now while preparing for your next big adventure. Along with focused videos and prompted journaling activities, you will be paired with your own Intentional Gap Year Guide®, the certified life coach employed by our company trained to support your personal development journey from beginning to end.