You Don’t Have To Settle
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Supplemental Gap Year Workshop to prepare you for what comes next

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Your Gap Year Offers A Time To Discover Who You Are
And, What You Really Want From Your Life

Start Now! And, Get Ahead For Your Future.

Interactive Program That Works On Any Device No Matter Where You Are In The World.

Includes (25) videos, (75) journal prompts, (3) half-hour 1:1 sessions with your own personal coach. Self-contained.
No need to print out anything.

We Didn’t Invent Video Coaching, But We Definitely Make It Work Better For You

Set goals 1:1 with your own personal coach, your Intentional Gap Year Guide®

Reflect on the actual work you’ve done and get maximum benefit by someone who wants to know and guide you.

Apply what you have learned to get immediate results.

Be better prepared for what comes next!

Your workshop includes three 1/2 hour video sessions all perfectly timed to follow your progress.


Why Take This Workshop?

Yes, absolutely! The self-assurance, independence and ability to make the right decisions can save you tens of thousands of dollars for your gap year and college. Don't you want to experience the confidence that you have a solid idea about what you want as you kick start your future? Think of all you can do with the money you save. (Like more travel, lower education costs, or maybe just some extra money to go out with friends and share the adventures you've had!)
If you are undecided about what you should do next and desire more clarity and support as you navigate this transition in your life, completing our program, The Intentional Gap Year, is the perfect thing for you. Put in the effort for yourself, and every day you'll discover that you have more answers for yourself then you realize. Knowing what you want goes a long way. Think about it, in one month you could have an action plan that really excites you. It's your life!
People who have taken this program while on their gap years reported back to us that they discovered a clearer vision of who they are and that this program enhanced their current journey. Our workshop offers an accelerated container for you to apply what you are learning for your time out, with purpose and insight. You made the right decision to grow. Don't you want to be the best you can be?
Travel and new situations make most people prone to self-discovery: Intentional or not, people grow. The Intentional Gap Year workshop offers an accelerated program for men and women to gain clarity and direction. Live your life on purpose If you want to cultivate a mindset of empowered decision making, this workshop is for you. When the time comes to choose your path in life, you will be ready.
Nothing is a given. Think about all the "grown-ups" out there who are in powerful positions. Is the world really a better place? If you want to impact your world and make it better, doesn't it make sense to start with yourself first? You're already awesome (of course), but the real power comes from knowing your strengths. Let's figure these out together. You have a supported space.
Here's a little secret... Your parents have been supporting you for your whole life. Nothing makes a person more proud than to have mature conversations with their kids. Seriously, you might be shocked to discover that you don't need to convince anyone of anything. When you know what is right for you and have the skills to communicate with others, you will be better positioned to negotiate your needs. This doesn't only apply to now. This is a skill that will take you far in the future.
Consider athletes, high-level people in authority, performers like actors and singers. It all depends on what you want from your life. You put in all of the efforts. Coaching is available to offer feedback, positive insights for you to improve, and ultimately, support to help you become the best you can be. If you have it all figured out, then good for you! Now you can focus on your strengths and have your own coach to kick around your ideas about your best course of action.

No Matter Where. No Matter What.

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